As soon a coaching package is purchased our team and the coach started a training log and preparation for the coming month. Therefore there are no refunds. But what if you want to cancel or pause your coaching? Read below.


Clients can cancel any time in the cycle. As there are no refunds (see above) we work towards the end of the billing period. The training log is accessible until the period expires. Also, will your coach look and plan your training up to that date. We work with automatic recurring payments for a smooth transition between months so you don’t need to make a payment each mount. We bill on the same day you signed up. So make sure you cancel before that date. An easy mail to can solve all the issues you might have here. Don’t wait to communicate!


In case of an injury, you can opt for pausing the coaching plan. Remark here that the coach can help you through that period. So an injury doesn’t mean you should quit all running. Most of the time we can transition you between two training phases with an injury in between. Of course, we are not doctors so injuries should always be treated by a trained doctor.

The RunConnect Club is a project of ASFE.